Spring Clean Ups
A spring cleanup is performed to prepare your lawn for summer. We will remove all debris and yard waste, as well as rake over all the matted down areas of your lawn.
Core aeration is the single most important thing one can do for their lawn. It involves mechanically removing cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. In the spring Ontario lawns are usually in a matted down compressed state. Aeration helps alleviate this compression and allows oxygen, nutrients and water to be transferred to the roots of your lawn. This helps build a strong root system, and give you a thick and healthy lawn. Aeration should be performed in the spring and the fall.
Lawn Cutting
Lawn care is the flagship service offered by Grassroots. We perform our lawn cutting service in Orleans from May to October. Our service includes cutting, trimming, and removal of grass clippings from driveways, decks and patios etc. The following lawn cutting services are available
- Lawn maintenance for residential home owners
- Lawn maintenance for rental properties
- Lawn maintenance for real estate, homes for sale/properties for sale
- Lawn maintenance for people on vacation
Hedge Trimming and Pruning
Grassroots provides a professional hedge trimming and pruning service. Our service includes trimming, removal and disposal of the debris. A perfectly manicured hedge will improve the look of your yard and add value to your property.
Gardening and Weeding
Whether you would like a vegetable garden, or simply a new flower bed, we can help you achieve your goals. Once your garden is built we can help you maintain it by providing weeding and other garden maintenance services.
We can have freshly cut sod delivered to your residence. We also have technicians who can install it for you. With sod you will have the instant gratification of an instant thick green lawn. With proper watering it should be rooted and secured within just a few weeks.
Tree, shrub, and flower planting (and removal)
Grassroots has a great selection of trees, shrubs and other plants that can be transplanted and delivered to your home. For a list of all available plants click here. We can also help you plant your trees and shrubs, as well as help you remove any unwanted plants from your property.
Delivery of landscaping products
Grassroots can deliver the following
- Flowers
- Top soil
- Garden soil
- Stone dust
- Mulch

Need something done that is not listed here?
Please contact us to see if we can help you out.