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email: info@grassrootsyardwork.com
Q: How long have you been in business?
A: We have been is the landscaping and property maintenance business for 7 years.

Q: How much do you charge per hour?
A: We normally don’t work by the hour. Typically a contract is established between the client and our company and then the work is carried out.

Q: Why should I aerate my lawn?
A: In the spring Ontario lawns are usually in a matted down compressed state. Aeration helps alleviate this compression and allows oxygen, nutrients and water to be transferred to the roots of your lawn. This helps build a strong root system, and give you a thick and healthy lawn.

Q:When should I aerate my lawn?
A: Aeration should be performed in the spring and the fall. At a minimum it should be done in the spring.

Q: When should I trim my hedges?
A: Once again we recommend having it done at the start of summer and also nearing the end of summer.

Q: Can I talk to past customers?
A: Yes, we have several references available upon request.

Q: Where do you purchase your sod?
A: We purchase all our sod from Petersen's turf farm in Manotick.